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from the famous 
Thank You Paul and Janet !!
LEGENDE in the > Hall of Fame < in :
OTHER SPECIAL COMMANDER PEOPLE  (...) who have in the past, and in some cases continue today, to keep the information flow alive with special amounts of time, photos, information, and efforts. Congratulations to these people, because you are the true heavyweights who make this Forum the great sharing medium it is. Thank you all for your participation, this is a collaboration of people who want to share information and have fun! 
Oliver and Sonja Oelgart from Germany, who have provided scores of photos about "LEGENDE", the Commander Flagship of the Mediterranean Commander Fleet, and cross-linked this forum on their magnificent web page.
The Chris Craft Commander Community is indebted to all of these people for their respective contributions to Chris Craft Commander boating, by their willingness to spend time, helping to create enthusiasm, and for being there on the front lines of sharing volumes of information !
MANY THANKS to everyone who has contributed to the information in these files. This forum will always be a work in progress. It’s a way
 to file away all of my Commander information for personal use, and it’s also a way to share it with anyone else who may be interested, or who may need the info (for their personal and non-commercial purposes), or may want to post, ask questions, etc. Because much of the information on the forum is not checked for accuracy, represents opinions in some cases from unknown sources, and may represent a safety or personal/financial liability if acted upon, the information in this forum and Master Index is offered with the very best of intentions, but it MUST be validated by the user before being implemented for utilization. If anyone sees a link in this index that does not work, of finds any inaccuracies, please post a note and I’ll try to fix it!

Regards, all the best,

Paul and Janet Pletcher


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